A Night on the Town

This Saturday Nickolas, Steven, and I decided we would spend the night out exploring the city. I woke up pretty late, and at approximately 9 I made my way to Catford to pick them up.

Our plan was to find a bar in the city center, before that we went exploring. We took the train to Charing Cross, located near Soho. Because I was hungry, we made a short stop at Shake Shack so I could get a burger and some fries. Thereafter we made our way to a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop. Sadly they didn’t have any shakes so I just got a scoop and Nickolas and Steven didn’t get anything. Steven was utterly disappointed that the place didn’t have any shakes.

We then tried to find a bar to chill at but one place was invites only and another was just closing. Distraught, we had the brilliant idea of taking the train back to Catford and going to our favorite pub, The Ninth Life. Even though we’ve been there a lot, we didn’t get in because after a certain hour you have to be 21 or older to get in. I’m 22, but both Nickolas and Steven are younger. Shattered, we made our way home, drinking a consolatory beer to end the night.

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