Bletchey Park

Bletchey Park was the home of the codebreaking operation during the second World War. We spent two days there, Saturday and Sunday. On the first day we explored the museum of Bletchley Park and on the second The National Museum of Computing. Although there was much to see, I got a thorough inside into both.

During the Second World War, Mathematicians, It specialists, and an eclectic mix of men and women spent years intercepting and decrypting messages originating from German intelligence. We saw replicas of machines, such as the so-called „Bombe“. Original Enigmas and the Lorentz were also on display. These were German produced encryption devices which would use roters to scramble messages into unintelligible cipher text. We learned that the Lorentz would be used by the higher-ups including Hitler and his commanding officers. Thought to be untraceable, the Enigma would be decrypted by such machines as the „Bombe“, which was developed by Alan Turing, among others.

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