A little bit more stress but a relaxing evening

Today was more stressed than usual. The main reasons for this is that 2 new parts of the Project are finished there first developing phase and had to be tested and fixed by tomorrow, because Jonathan and Chris will have a meeting tomorrow to do a presentation about them. Identifying as much problems as possible in a short amount of time even if there are just caused by a small problem is rather taxing on the mind. After work i went to the accommodation to grab something to eat and going to a meeting of the Belfast Friendship Club. It is a weekly meeting of random people to talk with each other and playing some games in a relaxing environment. We played some rounds of Jenga at first but afterwards i played one round of checkers or draughts, which ever you want to call it. I lost this round without any chance to resist but i am still happy about this because the last time ii played checkers was 13 to 16 years ago. The round of chess afterwards, on the other hand, i won. It was an interesting round because the person i was playing with was at roughly the same level as me.

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