Another BFC meeting

I am really getting used to the BFC meetups. It is always a very good oppurtunity to speak some english, but this time it was more thinking and less speaking. For nearly the full 2 hours of his meeting i played chess.

In total i played 3 rounds of which 2 were on the shorter site while one took really long. It was funny that i won one round really early one after sacrificing one bishop and afterwards it was like check , check, check …. until the King of my opponent was one my half of the board and out into checkmate. At this moment all the captures figures were 1 bishop, 2 knights and 1 pawn on my side and 2 knights and 1 pawn on the enemys side. It is really funny to play some chess here and starting to get used to it again after not playing chess for like 5 or 6 years.

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