A relaxing day with Board Games

Another week Another boardgaming meeting. Today i went to the Boardgaming meeting again. I really like the atmosphere there and it allows me to have some time outside the accomodation, which is still filled to the prim with 14 persons in total.

Luckily the meeting is way more relaxing and always a good way to use some more english in your daily life. After visiting already two of these meetups i can tell that even if you do not know a certain word you will always be able to communicate and that there will always be an accent that is less understandable then our german pronunciation of english words. I also learned some new boardgames like Ave Caesar, where you have to finish three laps of horse racing and in of these rounds you will have to give a gold coin to Caesar and say: “ Hail, Caesar!“ but you are not using a dice to decide the numbers of the fields you are allowed to progress but cards. Your deck holds a fixed amount of cards and in your hand you will always hold 3 cards. You are obliged to play one card each round and if another player is blocking your way you will have to stop right behind him. The winner is the player that finished his rounds in first place but there is clue to this, even if you are leading the field if you were blocked a lot and forced to waste to many of your steps then you will not make it too he finish line because the moment you have no card left your horse dies and you lose.

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