Not just a evening but a full Day of Games

Today we all had to wake up early in the morning. We went to the Georges market and myself and Kevin planned to eat the titanic burger which is a really huge and stuffing burger. Sadly the stall with the aple juice were not there today.

Afterwards we went to a souvenir shop and i bought myself a new leather wristband. We also went to a Mens only Primark which is quite a sight if you ever went into a primark in germany. Normally there are really ovrecrowded and there is nearly no option to move but the mens only one here is realy relaxing. You do not have to wait for a cabin to try something on and the most you will see on the cashier queue is like 1 or 2 people with maybe 2 or 3 items. The whole shops feels quite empty in concern to the amount of Customers. Afterwards i split off the group to go one of the Boardgaming meetups. This time at the Vandal which is a fully nerd and geek bar. They have a lot of nerd themed drinks and cocktails and there also put up multiple gaming stations with different consoles to play against each other, but i went there for boardgaming so all consoles where more or less banned for me. Because it was quite bussy in there we changed to the Whites Tavern, which in fact is the oldest Tavern in Northern Ireland existing since 1630, to play there we were there until 19:40 at 19:20 it was not possible to continue with our boradgames anymore because the live music started. One of the persons from this meeting offered me a raid up to the botanic garden which reduced my 30 to 40 minute walk to a 7 minute walk, i accepted this offer because it started to rain.

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