One sunny day in Belfast

Monday was a long day for us. Together with Stefanie and Max we decided to do some sightseeing at „Belfast Castle“ and „Cave Hill“.

It was a prefect, sunny day to do so. Our trip started at Ormeau Road at around 1pm by ordering 2 cabs for us 6 people, because taking the bus would be more expensive since not everyone has a subscription with translink.



Belfast Castle

Our first stop was Belfast Castle located just underneath Cave Hill. It’s a beautiful little Castle with small garden next to it. From there you already had a good look over Belfast and the harbor, but it got better.

Hidden all around the garden were 9 cats that wanted to be found by us, and so we did. We found all of them.



Cave Hill

After we had finished looking around the castle our next target was all the way up Cave Hill. To get there we had to chose between 2 paths. One was short and steep and the other one was way longer but more relaxed. We took the longer path and made some nice photos on the way up.

The trip up the hill already was exciting, but as soon as we arrived at McArt’s Fort we were astonished by the amazing view we had.



ASDA Store and Cooking in the evening

The trip to Belfast Castle and all the way up the hill already was exhausting, but nevertheless we did some grocery shopping at ASDA Store. With the groceries we picked up we did some cooking  for all of us.

All in all a great day.

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