The Start of a new Week

A new week started yesterday and with that new challenges and adventures appear…

On Monday we had to get up early, because we first went to our agency for an Englisch course. We started the course with a little test, which included a written and an oral part, to check our English skills.  After the test, we got a 30 minute break. At 12:30 the course ended and till then we played a game called ‚Articulation‘, which is a British version of ‚Tabu‘.  We then were told, that we got divided into two different courses which reflect our English skills.

Most of us wanted to eat something after the course, so we ended up in a vietnamese restaurant. I got myself some wok fried flat noodles with chicken. As typical for an Asian restaurant, you had to eat witch chopsticks.  But it wasn’t my first time eating with chopsticks.

Some friends and I used the rest of the day to walk around the middle part of London. We all were in London before, so we were not so much interested in the sights, more than wandering around.

In the late afternoon some of us went to a pub called „Prince of Wales“. Everyone told some funny stories they experienced at work or in there family and called it a day.



My Tuesday was less eventful.

We once again had to get up early, cause of the English course. But as told, we got split up. In my course we pretty much talked all the time. We tried to be fortune tellers with some tarot cards and solve a mysterious murder in a mansion. It was a pretty chilled course.

After the English course me and some friends went eating to a Subway in Cutty Sark. 

Me and my roommate used the rest of the day to relax at homes, but we might go out in the afternoon.

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