Time to explore the rich world

Today I decided to go to the “Harrods”, it’s one of the biggest and one of the most expensive shopping malls in London. After an amazing bus trip, over 2 hours, I arrived there. When I went inside I just saw expensive designer clothes and expensive accessories. Some of them looked very cool, but when I looked at the price and decided that just looking at them is enough. In every shop is a helper who can advise you for the product. I’m an IT student so of course I also went to the Tech area. There was also a part with Amazon & Google Products. The funny part was

that the Google Home Assistant was directly next to the Amazon Alexa. They also have one part as an apple store, in this part the prices were normal for as I saw. I thought the devices would be more expensive because they are in and big famous shopping mall, but this wasn’t the case.

In this shopping mall is also a service area. There you can also book flights and vacations. When you compare this shopping mall to the German shopping malls, then I have to say, that German shopping malls are more comfortable. The ceiling height wasn’t very high so it felt a bit small. In some areas they also used mirrors to make the place looks bigger (for example in elevators) and of course, all in Gold…

Overall an insane shopping centre, but in my opinion too expensive.

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