Sun! This was unexpected…

Today I slept a lot because I came home late yesterday. I started my day with a good breakfast and afterwards I watched movies because when I looked out of the window I just saw a gray sky. Around 2pm the weather got better, the dark clouds went away and I managed to see the sun. So I went out and bought a little snack.
I did some researches again, so if the weather would be good tomorrow, I would like to go to the Oxford Street. I was never there before and it’s a very long street thats why I need the whole day and of course good weather too.

In the afternoon I went out to do my daily workout. Somehow motivating to see the results after one month of doing everyday sports. One negative fact is that during the night (I prefer the night time to do sports) many drunk/weird people are on the streets. So everyday the same situation…no thanks I don’t wanna buy your drugs!

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