Normal days

So today is Wednesday and I am not that far away from going home. I really start to miss some things at home, but I think the last days should go by easily now. Until now this week was not so stressing and relaxed I finished some work that had to be done. On Tuesday in the break a colleague asked me if I want to go to Tesco with him. So I went to Tesco with him and on the way there he said he had to stop at a Pet shop to get food for his dog. As we arrived at the Pet shop he didn´t really know what his dog needed but lately he found it. He was showing me the animals there and because he loves scorpions he wanted to show me some of them but unfortunately they had no scorpion’s just snakes and fishes. So we went back to our workplace, by the way he considers himself as the scorpion king because he got 15 of them at his house. I even know now what the enemies of scorpions are they are called meerkats the eat scorpions. Back at work I had to repair some tablet and computers, sometimes when the computer are really dirty inside I had to clean that with an air compressor. When we got home I had to go to Tesco to buy food it was really packed in there so I just used the scan as you shop method, it means you grab all the stuff you need and just scan and pay it by yourself. I think that is a really good idea which we should have in Germany because it’s really fast and you don’t have to stand in line.