The second day at the big office

I at work on time and a colleague requested me to come with him to the big office again. The one from yesterday.

We went together to the customer and met there the CEO. We saw a lot of problems with the network and scanning problems. We started to troubleshoot and saw that the DHCP on the Vigor router was already activated. I deactivate the DHCP but my colleague disconnect the Vigor Router from the network. After we found a solution for the problem I tried to fix a problem with the network drives. In the end I tried to restart the server. But the server didn’t come up and I am a bit nervous. I couldn’t find the physical server, I only found a Hyper-V server. The logical thought behind this was, that he has got virtual machines on this server. The biggest problem was how to find out the password for the Hyper-V server. After we found it, I saw that the server froze at the start screen. The same happened on the second attempt. This is the moment I decided to request my colleague for a backup. But after the third attempt it worked and I was happy after 20 minutes without Ethernet at this company (because the DNS was on this VM). After the VM started normally, everything worked and I was happy. There was still the problem with Scan to Mail. My colleague told me that the problem started after he changed from the old email server to the Office 365 emails. And I found the problem: We need one Office 365 email-account for the scanner. After this we went back to the office. Back at the office we got the right email from the other colleagues and configured the printer via the remote software LogMeIn.

This was an even more successful day than yesterday. I am really excited about Saturday.