The last days

The end of my internship comes closer and closer. At work there were no special tasks. We all went to the Ulster museum because we had a meeting with the company to discuss and plan how to lay some network cables in the building.
At lunch our boss Robin was so friendly and invited us to the restaurant opposite the museum. I ordered a „open sandwich“. As the waitress came I noted what a „open sandwich“ really is. She put a plate with bread, tomatoes, cucumber, ham salad, cheese and more in front of me on the table. Ok, I haven’t eaten all of it but I have probably eaten more vegetables than the whole year.
Yesterday, on our last working day our boss invited us a second time to a restaurant. This time another employee we had met over the course of time and some colleagues came with us. We drove to an fish restaurant and therefore all of us ate „fish and chips“ except for me. I ate chicken because I don’t like to eat fish. The food was good and I was fed up.