live commentary of my last 48 hours

Today I will make a slightly different type of article, since I won’t do much the last days here. I planned on making some sort of live commentary: every few hours I will write a few words about what I did and how I feel.

Let’s start


11:50a.m: after waking up I started to pack my things. I try to throw in as much as possible into my bigger bag without exceeding the maximum limit of 20kg, which isn’t as easy as one might think, because I have no scale to make sure  to be just under the limit.

15:32p.m: The bags are packed. the big one is quite heavy. I just hope I am under the limit, because else I have to pay extra money for my luggage. But on the other hand, I donÄt care really, because i probably won’t be able to make it lighter.

19:57p.m: The las day is slowly staqrting to end, and I check every corner of out roommm several times to make yure that I have really everything.  also I played a bit on the computer to distract myself a bit.

22:39p.m: Dominik went to sleep while I decided to not sleep today, because I know myself, I won’t be able o sleep now, and when i finally get to sleep it will be even harder to wake up again, since to little sleep is even more exhausting than no sleep. I am watching an Anime to stay awake.


2:02a.m: I think I will be snoozing for about an hour to not be completely dead when I come home. I set some music on my earphones and a somewhat comfortable position in which I can make sure to not fall asleep but still rest my eyes a bit.

3:35a.m: my alarm was ringing a few minutes ago. The taxis will be here in about an hour. Last chance to check everything one last time. We will get our stuff out of the room to be prepared for departure. I think I will grab a cup of tea wo wake up a bit again.

6:09a.m: We arrived at the airport, checked in and are now waiting for our flight. The closer I get to fly back home the more excited I am about that. The airport had a scale on which I could check my luggage: 18,9kg. YESSS, sucess.

11:56a.m: We arrived back in germany, my mom picked me up from the airport in Berlin and we went back home. Also we had a small beakfast. the best thing I had in weeks. At this point I will finish writing, since the internship came to an end and I am slightly exhausted. I will do a few more things, maybe I will write something more, but in case if not, I probably fell asleep.