The second half kick-off

Has it already been four weeks? It doesn’t feel like it. I feel like it’s the second week… There is room for different interpretations for this statement. The first one is the optimistic one. If time goes by fast, it means you are enjoying yourself. The second one is rational. If this feels like a second week, what have I actually accomplished the last two weeks? The third interpretation can be made based on my prior articles on this site. If I have no sense of spatial orientation, I could also have no temporal orientation. That’s fair, but I would tend to believe the first two theses.

The weekend went by sluggishly. I spent my time at the gym – on both days. Saturday evening we met up at Philipp’s (not part of afib, but one of our classmates) house. We ate together – this is beginning to become a tradition – and played Monopoly afterwards. It was very fun to play, even though I came in fourth place. I am going to make the assertion that my losing was actually René’s fault. He was the one that thought it was a good idea to give away his dark blue street in order to get a brown one. He also did that very early in the game, we only just played like six rounds. His strategy was to build hotels on his lousy brown streets. And yes we landed on them, but nobody went bankrupt because of these streets. monopoly (2)Max on the other hand, who got the dark blue set complete, started to build up his empire. He built hotels on the expensive streets. And one unlucky throw of the dices made me miserable. 1450 Pound. That was too much. That was it. I hope you can also gather from this excursus that René was the root of the misery.

On Sunday we went to the cinema „Odeon“, located in the centre of Belfast (Victoria Square Centre). The movie we decided on was „Baywatch“. It was entertaining, but fairly predictable. But I think expectations for a movie that is a remake of the original Baywatch series were low to begin with.

odeon inside_odeon

It’s been a busy Monday. In the morning I helped with moving the new furnishings to the future office. In the afternoon I had some simple internet speed tests to run. The results from the old/current office are actually quite sad to look at. A download rate of 4Mbps and the upload rate settles in at 1Mbps. The download speed in the new office is going to be around 80% faster. Tomorrow I am going to test the Wi-Fi, if the ordered access point arrives on time.

If you read this, you might get the impression that all this testing is (getting) boring and dull. But it’s not to me, I enjoy being up and about. It’s something I don’t experience often in Germany.

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