No hotels anymore

Yesterday I decided to go the Ulster Museum. The entry to the Ulster Museum is near the Botanic Garden. The surprise was that the Ulster Museum has no entry cost and it was quite busy there. The museum is divided in Art, History, Science, History of Belfast and nature. It is unbelievable, I think they have a huge collection of everything. The most interesting place was the Science area where they showed different minerals and one of the most dangerous kid’s toys that exists, the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory. I heard about it many times bevor but I never saw it live, only from pictures. Less than 5000 kits were sold, and the product was only offered between 1950 and 1951. This toy has been called „the world’s most dangerous toy“ because of the radioactive material included in the set. The lab contained a cloud chamber that allowed the viewer to watch alpha particles traveling at 19,000,000 m/s per second. The set originally sold for $49.50 ($493 today). Afterwards I moved to the Castle Court Shopping Centre to make a little shopping tour. I found an American candy shop that had some surprising drinks, candies and more stuff. I was really wistful, as I discovered my favourite Fanta Exotic which I enjoyed when I had been in Albania. Unhappily it was too expensive to buy or in my memory it was too cheap in Albania. Who knows? As always I ran out of time and decided to take the bus to Phillip and Max. We met together again to cook noodles with tomato sauce and minced meat. Next to our Dinner we found an old monopoly game.  We began to play and everybody bought his favourite streets. It did not take long until Max and I got one of the blue streets. From round to round it became more and more difficult not to pay for staying in the wrong street. I started buying 2 hotels for my brown street. Everybody told me that those streets don’t give much money and nobody would get on it. Luckily every player landed on that street, so they had to pay lots of money. It was enough for me to get through another round. Twenty minutes later, on every street were hotels and we had problems to continue our game, because the hotels had been all in use. At last I got the third place and Max won the game.

It’s the taking part that counts…