Quiz Night

As usual my workday at Anaeko office started at 9am.

Robert (also from the OSZIMT) and I are currently programming and testing an API in Python which is used for sending and receiving data from a server. This data consists of facts and is associated with a timestamp. The product is called ServiceClarity and aims at big companies like IBM to get an overview of their intern processes.

The facts are virtualized on a website written by Anaeko. Further reports can be generated to get a long time overview.


My workday ended at 5pm and I relaxed at home a bit. Later in the evening we all met up at a Pub called „the parlour“ because Intern Europe invited us to a „quiz night“.

It was quite nice and thanks to Intern Europe!


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  1. Was it nice because of us or because of the free bear *snicker* *cough* I mean beer ?

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