„New Monday, new week, new goals.“

(quote from unknown author)

Because this week become routine, I only summarise the first days of the second week.

Monday 9th of April in 2018:
At work, I met new colleagues, who are returning from their holidays. There were a lot of persons. I still can’t remember all the names yet.
All in all nothing special happened today.

Tuesday 10th April in 2018:
I continued my task to analyse the contact database. It was a typical working day.
After work I was waiting in front of the City hall: I saw that there was a man, who was wearing a red t-shirt, a pair of braces with corduroy trousers and a rabbit mask with red eyes. It seems they are doing advertising. A photographer and a person, who was holding another equipment were present too. The man with the mask carries a bottle of jack daniels beer (I am not sure exactly). Good news for today: In our accommodation, we got two new cookers, because the past two didn’t work. I hope, from now on we might have more pleasure with cooking.
At 7.30 p.m. InternEurope arranged a ‚Social Night‘, where all participants of work experience are invited to play a game together and get to know each other. They had different nationalities. E. g. Spain, Austria, Germany and so on. I remember from a blog entry of my older colleagues, who are in their third year of their apprenticeship now, that they had a Bingo night. This time we have a Quiz night at ‚The Parlour‘. The topics were Europe, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Belfast and InternEurope. We got a free drink too. It was ok, but not that extraordinary.
After the event, Dome planned his birthday party with us. I am looking forward to it. May Dome have a great birthday with us. I even have got a five-point plan for his birthday party:
1. Collecting present ideas for Dome, buying and packing them
2. Making good food for his party
3. Getting everyone together
4. Surprise him
5. Giving Dome a treat
I hope you won’t see this Dome. *snicker* However, nothing of this plan will reveal what we have in our mind. *evil grin*

Wednesday 11th of April in 2018:
It seems every day I woke up; I am sleepy. Maybe I should go to bed earlier than 0 a.m. or 1 a.m. *cough cough*
My work is going quite well. I could talk to some colleagues about the contract database and have started my report. (Thank you all a lot.)
A joke of the day: John chose my desk as the tidiest desk comparing to another colleague. Comparing to another colleague, who works for the marketing department, my table is only clean because of most of the task I use the computer.
In the afternoon, I walked into the city to look for a present for Dome. His birthday is the upcoming Friday. On my way, I visited the Linen Hall Library. The Linen Hall Library is the oldest library in Belfast, which founded in 1788. I know that for some of you a library seems like a boring place with lots of books. However, for me, the library is a beautiful place, where I can enjoy my favourite hobby of reading books. The quiet atmosphere, the smell of books and rustling of turning a page makes me feel nostalgic. In the past, I enjoyed books a lot, but because of education, I had to quit it, which made me quite sad. I hope I can continue to enjoy my hobby when I am in Germany again. You can see the picture of the library before you click on the ‚Weiterlesen‘ button.
When you cross the street, sometimes you can see some hint on the ground like:

driving on the left is typically for the UK


In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it obtains driving on the left. The adjustment was complicated. The first I nearly got hit by a car. And it happened nine times. I also saw some exciting shops, funny signs in front of some restaurant or bars.  I tried some Scones. Scones are kind of quick bread or biscuits like pastries, which served for breakfast or afternoon tea. Typically you can have it sweet or savoury. My Scones were a little bit dry, maybe I didn’t buy them at a bakery but in a shop named ‚Centra‘.

Thursday 12th of April in 2018:
I received feedback on my report about the contact database. It is nice to know what I can improve or what I did well. It made my day 🙂
I worked my report over and had a lunch break. My colleagues offer me a Scones with butter and jam. It was quite delicious. Better than the one, which I had yesterday.
At 4.30 I finished working and went into the city to look for a present for Dome. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a wide range of shops. It was frustrating. In the end, with Son’s help, we found something.
(Dome, of course, we brought you a sceptre and a robe. Of course, I won’t tell you. You will see it tomorrow. :P) I am looking forward to seeing his reaction tomorrow.

-Huong Giang-