Back to the Roots

On the last day Steven and I got up early because we had to leave our room until 10 o’clock so it could be cleaned. We brought our luggage downstairs and I then made myself a delicious omelette. We spent some time in front of the tv and I used the time to write some blog entries until at 13 o’clock our host father brought us to the Twin centre where everybody else was already waiting for the bus which was supposed to bring us to the Stansted airport.

I went to the nearest Sainsbury supermarket where I got myself some cookies and something to drink. When I came back the bus came and we all went inside. On the way to the airport I watched some videos on my phone and after around an hour we arrived at 15 o’clock which was 4 hours until our flight would take off.

We sat down at the Burger King inside of the airport. I got myself something to eat and a coffee and then played some Mortal Kombat with Julius on his Nintendo Switch until finally the check in for our flight was announced.

We went to the self check in and where we checked in our baggage and then went through the security check. After that I sat down next to Dustin who bought a card game called Uno on the airport and we played some rounds until the gate of our flight was announced where we then went. After just a couple of minutes we were sitting inside of the plane and just one hour and 18 minutes later we arrived at the Schönefeld aiport in Berlin where I was picked up by my father.

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