Best Burger in the world.

Hi it is me Mario…ähm Henny again.

On Monday we got an extra holiday day, because it is traditional for Ireland. Tristan, Lukas and I had the plan to visit a burger restaurant, which is near to the famous Prime mark and called City Picnic. „Best Burger in the world.“ weiterlesen

Plenty of Steaks

First I have to say “Hello to everybody”!

On Saturday we decided to visit the famous St. George’s Market. So Lukas, Tristan, Gino, Robert, Marlon, Sebastian and I started to walk there. If you don’t know till now what kind of market that is or if you want to know why it is so special, you have to klick on the following link underneath.


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Went out with the colleagues

At Friday Sergio another intern of Niamh ended his internship for that reason we went out after work he comes from Spain and worked in his internship for about 5 mounth.

Names in the right order: Jena; Sergio; Robert; Robert (Rob)

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Men in the Kitchen! The Caveman Instincts!

This week we thought like: ‚We need steaks!‘.
Well it was very easy to decide it with our colleagues. So we went on the St. George’s Market again. First we were a bit confused about how many steaks we would need. After a small argument we bought like 9 steaks. I bought a special one myself. It was a 28 day dry aged rib eye steak.

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Small Business

This week ‚full‘ of work is done. We were pretty busy at ‚Wilson Computers‘. We had to do some jobs on the countryside of bangor. We visited a pet obedience school and some small shops. Most of the tasks were like: ‚Well, i’ve got an 8 year old pc with vista and I m not sure, if it is still secure.‘ or ‚My printer isn´t working!‘.
It is kind of easy work, but it needs to be done.

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