„Remember: Enjoy your life today, because yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come.“

(quote from Alan Coren)

25th of May in 2018:

Work was relaxed today because a colleague allowed me to leave earlier from work because there was just one colleague left in the office. I informed my supervisor by writing an email and left at 1 p.m. At home, I tried it one more time at the post office nearby our accommodation. I was lucky things didn’t turn out worse. I missed the collector for the parcels, but the staff gave me a discount of 10% for my 7 kg large package. That’s why my box will be sent on next Tuesday because Monday is a Bank holiday.
At home, I continued working, and we had Thai curry. Jenny really enjoyed it or became addicted to it, which made me quite happy. And Dome baked his cheesecake, which should be better than the Tesco Metro one. Here you can see the results of our judging.

Because I often cleaned after dinner or in the morning of the next day Phi always stopped me and let him do it. He said that I was the early shift and he was the late shift. The idea about it was quite amusing.

26th of May in 2018:

This Saturday is our last one in Belfast. I can’t believe that our work experience, which lasted eight weeks, came to an end that fast. It was extraordinary that Jenny was earlier awake than me 😀 We had breakfast together. Phi went on a tour with his CEO from his company. But later Jenny went to sleep again because of tiredness. Our plan for today was to do a barbecue again as the farewell from Belfast. But we had time until the meeting with Tim at the Belfast Spring Continental Market. That’s why we just enjoyed the last Saturday by doing activities we wanted to do. Dome, Son and I discussed Power Rangers and watched an Anime later.
Suddenly two cleaners came into the house and started to clean. They also asked us to keep the common living places clean because there might be visitors one day. But we helped them by washing the dinnerware.
Jenny woke up and had Thai curry again. She really enjoyed it, which makes me quite happy.
At noon we met Tim at the Belfast Spring Continental Market and started our food testing tour part two. I don’t know why but I like it very much there. I tried a smoothie and langos with sour cream and salmon. At first, I didn’t want to, but after sawing Jenny having it, it persuaded me. A little bit later we went shopping at Tesco Metro because we planned to have a barbecue today. The preparation went well and Phi ‚forced‘ me to watch my series and let the others doing it. Grillmaster Tim did a good job, and we enjoyed our last weekend in Belfast with eating, playing games and talking.
Phi also defined a new hobby for me: to look for series, which I want to watch someday ^^‘ *grin* Recently I never watched series but only watch through the offers and write them down on my list.
Unfortunately, I still had some work to do so I sat down and began my task. When Tim left, where it was nearly 11 p.m., I almost finished with my first amount of lines. At midnight, Son, Phi, Dome and I watched Power Rangers the movie and had ice cream. The film was very disappointing and worse.

-Huong Giang-