Free Comic day and Agent Mr X

At Saturday the 5th of May in 2018, I standed up at 7am. Because I wanted to go the comic shop „ForbiddenWorld“ they had on this day free comic day. The event was starting at 9am but the seller sayed to me, it will be better when I come a bi earlyer. I was at 8.30 am on the comic book shop and the queue was already quite long.

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Neighbors cat visited us.

At Thursday the 3rd of May in 2018, I started my work at 9am and had to until 3.30pm because we had a meeting with „Intern Europe“. While I work I hear music and I found a song for what I search. Because since Belfast I was searching for a song and I heared this song everytime in my mind but I can´t remember on the title. And at the work I heared a song from the band and I remembered on the voice. And as I saw the band name I remembered on the song title.

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