Neighbors cat visited us.

At Thursday the 3rd of May in 2018, I started my work at 9am and had to until 3.30pm because we had a meeting with „Intern Europe“. While I work I hear music and I found a song for what I search. Because since Belfast I was searching for a song and I heared this song everytime in my mind but I can´t remember on the title. And at the work I heared a song from the band and I remembered on the voice. And as I saw the band name I remembered on the song title.

After our meeting we went to a superstore to buy our food for the dinner. As we arrived at home we had a visiter. The cat from our neighbor was by us. The cat drunk her milk and ate sausage and was very cuddled by me. I love pets so much. <3 When the cat left us I started to cook. We ate „Schnitzel with Sauce Hollandaise“, fries and peas. After our dinner we went in our rooms and played togehter about our notebooks.















We have so much fun, since Giang ans Son moved to us in our accomodation.


At Friday the 4th of May in 2018, I went to my work like everyday. I had a meeting with my mentor about the website. In my lunch break, I wanted to go in a American candy shop but on my way I stoped. Because I saw a comic book shop. Instead of candys, I bought a Spider-Man comic book. Yes I now shame of me. 😀 After my work I went home I was so excited to read my new comic. This Spider-Man its in a new parallel universe Peter married Mary-Jane and they have a daughter. And Mary-Jane has a spider suit wich one Peter build by hisself. And they daughter has the same forces like her father. I had on this day ealry to sleep beaucse on the next day is free comic day.