Giang and I are doughnut friends forever!

At Thursday the 10th of May in 2018, on this day I went in my lunch break to “Tesco Metro” to buy Doughnut Rings. Later, as I arrived my accommodation I asked if Giang would like to be my donut friend forever and she said yes to me. I was so happy about her answer. 😀

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Zoo Belfast

At Sunday the 29th of April in 2018 I slept long at this day because we want to met us at 3.00pm in the front of the zoo. Dominik, Phi and me startet our way to the bus station and from there we drove to the city centre to change there the bus. We was sitting in the seccond bus to drive to the zoo but then was Giang phoned Dominik, because Giang and Son had problems with the bus so we left our bus to met Giang and Son at the City Hall. Then we drove together with Giang and Son to the zoo.

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