Giang and I are doughnut friends forever!

At Thursday the 10th of May in 2018, on this day I went in my lunch break to “Tesco Metro” to buy Doughnut Rings. Later, as I arrived my accommodation I asked if Giang would like to be my donut friend forever and she said yes to me. I was so happy about her answer. 😀

Later we went together to the restaurant “Gaze” to eat Asian food for take away. But I had a small problem on this way, because “Kitty” the cat from neighbor was following me. I was scared for her because we were walking along a main road. So I picked her up and carried her back to her street, where she knew her way around. I like this cat so much, but I would say I love every animals.

I found in the internet a good example for the different between Giang and me at the morning.

Right dog Giang and the left dog me

As we all saw this we had good to laugh.

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