St. George’s Market and Barbecue Party

At round 3am my Sunday started as I took my girlfriend to the airport.
After a very hard goodbye, I wanted to take the bus home. Unfortunately, the first bus drove not before 6.15am. Due to that, I had to take a taxi for 32£. After being back at my place, I was finally able to sleep for a few more hours.

At 1pm some of us met at the St. George’s Market. We explored the market, bought tasty food and listened to good live music.

Since we had seen everything, we went to the Tesco Superstore where we bought some food for our barbecue later that day. Those of us who carried the groceries took a taxi, the others walked.

After arriving at the apartment, all of us had a task to do. Giuliano and I lightened and kept an eye on the barbecue while the others prepared some vegetables. Then we finished our delicious dinner and started to listen to some music and played entertaining games all night long.

I went to bed at 3.30am, so it was a really long day.