Titanic Museum

It’s Saturday again and today the plan is to visit the Titanic Museum. We walked from home about an hour to the harbor, where the museum is located. On the way, I made a short stop at St. Georges Market to buy some food. This time I could even buy the Pulled Pork Burger for 6 pounds. It was very delicious.

At 2 pm we met at the museum. After taking a few pictures, we went in already. The entrance cost about 18 pounds. I am still not sure if the museum is worth the price, as it is quite expensive.

In any case, there was plenty to see, everything was available from the equipment of the cabins to the sinking of the Titanic. There was even a small ride where you could ride a similar gondola and experience the working conditions of the Titanic. After about 3 hours we had seen everything.

After we went back home, we ate the leftovers of the previous day and watched another movie, which even about the Titanic acted.


in the building