My reflexion

A work placement abroad. For me, during the time before it was a great feeling. Having that as part of my apprenticeship I understood as chance. A chance to combine my everyday learning experience with another environment in several aspects. A chance to integrate to that other environment and continue getting work experience. It was my second educational stay abroad on my own. I could also count it as my second longest stay abroad generally. For that reason, our general situation and concerning the accommodation was not new for me: Not to speak your mother tongue but to communicate in English nearly all the time. To live with a host family and to have also host siblings. Another aspect was to get used to a new local environment including the neighbourhood and the local public transport. But also some circumstances like driving on the left and to be less as pedestrian than in Germany: Drivers do not wait for you to cross a street parallel to them before turning off. And to be honest, I expected something else thinking of a host family: A nice community to chat, eat and live with. And contacts for some tips of what to experience in or around London. Well, at least I was provided a park nearby, a long public meadow next door and public fitness devices outdoor. And I was not far from a train station. „My reflexion“ weiterlesen