Unexpected Visitor

Today, I started my work day as usual but again, problems…

When I started my computer I saw that some Desktop icons were missing again. I checked my group and I found out, that I’m in the wrong one. I asked around but nobody knew how to fix it at the moment. I had to use a workaround, to access some basic Windows tools.

Later, when I opened Google-Mail all seemd to be fine, but google told me that I’m offline, but the site was loading. When I checked in a new tab “google.com” I got just connection refused. I checked “google.de” and it was working. I flushed my current local DNS storage and renewed my DHCP IP, but still not working. When I did a ping, I found out, that the connection refused it not from a google IP but from the internal firewall.

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Two very interesting Days

On my Thursday my managing director brought me a small server that I needed to clean because it was pretty dusty from the outside and the inside after that I checked the server if everything was alright with it and if it’s running good. My colleagues invited me for lunch into a pub where every Thursday is curry day and it was very delicious. After the lunch I did a last check up with my colleague on his computer if everything was as he wanted it to be and he was very contented and very grateful about my work with his computer.

On Friday I was working more with that server. I removed its feature that the server was the domain controller and after that I removed the whole active directory feature. Afterwards I wrote some reports for the company what I did on client PCs and how long I did these tasks. At home I just washed my shirts and watched some videos and finished one show.


I continued work on the excel table. Basically I updated again and I should update the table for only the sports T-shirt orders.

At Cafe Hilliard I ordered a raspberry blueberry lemon loaf for Monday.

I assisted Sylvester and handwrote a table of the current content of new and unprinted T-shirts in their cardboard box. Because of other orders by the time the employees needed their sports T-Shirt table updated to print it out and give it to the employee who is in charge of the actual T-shirt printing.

At the end, I admit this week was not so much IT based but no wonder: Generally, the only thing we could do was to transfer file and folder bundles from the NAS to the server. And of course, we checked the status of the server and the network in a regular base. But else, there was nothing more IT related we could do.

In the evening I went running and spontaneously met up with Anton for a common training in a park of Plumstead.

A lot of nothing

This week has been very slow.
Apart from a support ticket every now and then, there wasn’t anything for me to do really, so I spent the time reading up on news and new technologies.

Today was a bit of an exception, as I could finally start finishing up the new windows 10 computers:
Installing the last few pieces of software, including updates and anti-virus software and lastly putting the computers into the domain.

However none of the employees wanted to test the new computers today, so that will come next week.

What is this now?

Today, I went as usually at my workplace. When I turned on my computer, I saw that some icons were missing on my desktop. I ignored it and started programming. When I wanted to start my program, I needed to run the command line. As usual I pressed the windows key and “R”. This time I just got an alert that this was not allowed. At this moment I was a bit confused.

I thought to open the start menu and type “cmd” there, but there was no hit. At this moment I already knew that something failed with the group policies. When I checked my group policy, I found out that my computer is in a Windows 10 group. The fact is that I use Windows 7.

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A special kind of printing

With some berry hibiscus tea besides I started working. I began by continuing my work on the excel order table. Later, I was told I should have accessed another version of this file. I admit I could have had a look before. But mistakes happen and you learn from them. By the time there came new orders. Before I added them to the table I should update the file system on the NAS.
For lunch I went to a pub behind the next corner my first time.
Later, I helped a nice employee to print sports T-shirts for the London Legal Walk at the mid of June. He told me of different shirt printing types. There is sublimation printing like it is done at DoduLand: A special type of ink is printed on a heat resistent paper before. Of course this step is done at DocuLand too. The logo of the company the T-shirt is printed for is printed on it mirrored. The paper is fixed on the shirt with two stripes of heat resistent adhesive tape. Afterwards, the T-shirt was put over the lower side of a special heat press. As as soon as the upper part of the heat press was turned above and pressed onto the T-shirt a countdown of 35 second ran. At the same time, the temperature of the heater was at at least 200 degrees. When the timer was run down the machine beeped. Immediately the employee opened it, pulled off the paper fastly but with care and took the T-shirt off the press.
Another kind of printing is Vinyl printing. He knows it because the employee I was working with is also self-employed. So before he comes to DocuLand he works on his own printing T-shirts. He said he has two printing presses but more professional: As soon as he operates a pedal the press closes and after the countdown it opens automatically. At the beginning the smell reminded me of fresh bread or rolls. However, later my nose began to tickle and that or a similar feeling lasted for the rest of the evening.
Last but not least, I brang away some parcels and letters to the post office. Strangely, on two of them it said large letter even though they looked like parcels.
Later, I was on my way to Tate Modern to meet my godfather who was staying in London for a spontaneous visit. His new long-term partner was present too and I saw her my first time. In Gala newspaper an aquaintance of her discovered a vegetarian restaurant, The Gate. We enjoyed a delicous dinner there.

Cute evening

Today I would like to say something about my previous evening. I went out for my daily workout as usually. First I walked to a supermarket and bought an apple as a snack. Afterwards, I went directly to a park which is near there. As I arrived there I went to the bars and started with my workout. After some minutes a family showed up with their 2 kids. The kids stopped and tried the same things like me. They also asked, if I could show them some workouts. Of course I did and they had a lot of fun. The parents were smiling too.

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A day of different work

My Oyster Card had expired. I realized it when I tried to gain access through the gate of our train station. After reloading I had still five minutes of time for taking my train.
At the company, I finished bundling sports T-shirts for a big charity walk, the Lomdon Legal Walk. The company I work for, DocuLand, is the official T-shirts‘ supplier. I made one bundle per order by repacking them to their packages correspondingly. When I was finish I should count how many were unassigned.
Later, I updated the excel table by adding the latest orders. I also updated another table which contains the orders of all the sports T-shirts separately. Because since Friday there came at least several new orders.
For lunch I met a good friend of mine who studies in London. We had some pizza and sat outside chatting. It started raining a bit but we did not care.
Later, an employee introduced me in how to fill data about the amount of T-shirts into the table. For every order I filled the details so the amount of every size ordered by the different organizations. Before, however, I should update the order list on the company’s NAS. In the file system there is a added a folder each order and inside the email needs to be added.
For dinner after a long look at Covent Garden I discovered a nice pasta place from Timeout magazine.
In the evening I went running. The host family’s children Nathan and Miya didn’t want to go with me. Miya said she needed to learn. At the same time I saw a YouTube video paused on her laptop screen. I said ”That seems to be tough learning“ but she did not care. And Antonin was not there yet. So I went alone and left at around ten past nine. I ran around Abbey Wood Park for 10 kolometers and saw at least six foxes.