What a letdown

Today, I started my day as ordinarily. When I showed up at my work, I started directly with a meeting/Introduction for my colleague. The presentation was about my program which I was developing in the last few weeks.

My colleague was quite happy about the result, the program was exactly doing what he expected from it.

Later, my other colleague joined our conversation. He got more requirements for the program, regrettably I couldn’t develop these features anymore because of the lack time.

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The Server Days

I started this Monday with preparing the server for the client so I renamed the server and labelled the server with the new name and labelled the network ports after that I removed the cd tray from a similar server to put it in the server for the client, when I removed the cd tray I removed the hard drive case from similar server too because the one hard drive in the server didn’t had a hard drive case and was pretty easy to move in the server. The next thing was to install Teamviewer on the server so my company can manage the server remotely and then I installed all the updates the server needed.

On Tuesday I did the last check on the server if everything was alright, then I gathered all the cables together I needed to bring to the client with the server. Around half past ten my colleague picked me up with the car and we drove to the client where we installed the server. The server rack was a bit messy and we had to move the NAS to build in the server but after that was done everything went pretty quick and in the end we just did a connectivity test if everything was alright with the server connectivity and the general internet connectivity of the client. Everything was alright so I went back to the office. At home I just started to do my laundry and watched a movie about the hunt on Bonnie and Clyde.

On Wednesday I look into some over servers from the company which they didn’t use to see if everything was good with them and if we can use one of them for another client in the future.

What I’ve Been Eating

Everyday for lunch Nickolas and I walk a few blocks to Forest Hill Station, where there are a few options for food. Most of the time we go to a place called D&D, which is a Caribbean/Jamaican joint. The options are jerk wings, sweet chili wings, or fried chicken. I always mix it up and get either jerk chicken or sweet chili wings, alternating every other day.

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A weird job

Today was a weird day.

I didn’t expect to be doing much apart from first level support, but just after I arrived I got the task to set up five android smartphones with Google accounts and everything.
This turned out to be a very tedious job, as I had to link every Google account with a mobile phone number. So I had to: start the phone, skip the set up, create the account with the current phone number, restart the phone and then log in with the previously created account.

Otherwise it was an uneventful day.
Just a bit of first level support.

New people

yesterday some new people came to our accommodation. They are from italy, unfortunately they arrived at 10 o’clock at night. This was quite annoying because nobody could sleep because of the hustle and bustle. This morning we met them all in the kitchen. They were not very talkative, but maybe they will be later. It is a little exhausting now that the house is full again and in addition their english is not too good . So they can only communicate with us via google translator.


Plans for the rest of the week

So on Saturday at 19:00 UK time our flight is scheduled to depart. We were told by the agency to arrive at the school at 8 am that day, only to wait until 2 pm to take the bus to the airport. Everyone is a bit confused why we need to be there that early, considering Twin doesn’t even open up that early on weekdays and our flight isn’t until 11 hours later. „Plans for the rest of the week“ weiterlesen