Back in Berlin

I’ve been back in Germany for about a week now. Retrospectively I had a great time in London, if it was the visitation of my friend, my uncle, or my parents. Those where basically the highlights. Even if the work itself wasn’t the best because it didn’t have much to to with IT, I am glad I could be in a foreign country and experience working there.

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One week after the Internship

Last Sunday was the last day of us staying in Northern Ireland. After one week to get used to being back in Germany, I found out that there are somethings I got used to really fast in Belfast. It begins with smaller thinks like the weather being sunnier and less rainy and ends with such seemingly trivia things like speaking German in the supermarket or free time. I cannot believe how easy it was to get used to Belfast, after being back for one week. „One week after the Internship“ weiterlesen