Bye London, Hello Berlin

Today was our departure day. We woke up at around 10am and started with a good breakfast. After the breakfast, we finished packing our luggage.

We left our house at around 12:30 and went to the agency. We met there the other guys and of course we were a bit early because we should have been there at around 14:00. It took us just around 1 hour to get there, as I already know from my work experience.

We arrived early at the airport so we had to wait some hours there, but better too early than too late.

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Review of the eight week

Last week is done and it’s time to go back to Germany. All our tasks at work have been finished and we had a final lunch with all our co-workes. Im very thankful for having such friendly collegues. We also recieved an exciting task for the last week. We did a small certificate for Microsoft Windows 10. „Review of the eight week“ weiterlesen

Last evening in Belfast

Today is our last long evening in Belfast. Our Taxis will arrive at 3:15am and we decided to stay awake until then. Our day began a bit later than usual because we all slept a bit longer so we will be fit for the flight. Then we startet packing our stuff together and cleaning our own rooms. After that we went to clean the kitchen and the living room. We took photos of all the areas in case something breaks after our departure. The taxis will drive us to the bus center and from there we will take a bus at 3:40am which drives us directly to the airport. The plane will then take off at 6.55am.

Last day & and departure

After 2 long month in a foreign country, our internship is coming to an end. Although I was rather sceptical and negative about the whole thing before my stay abroad, I have to say that it was worth it. Through the internship I was able to gain a lot of new experience. When I’m back in Germany I have a lot to tell. But new experiences are not the only thing I found here. By living together with people from different nations and with different background in the same accommodation, you have also learned a lot about yourself and perhaps also made new contacts.


Either way, I’m gonna remember this for a long time. Both the good and the bad things. And perhaps I will return later in my lifetime. You never know for sure.

Last „Day“ in Belfast

Today is the last full day in Belfast. For today we are planning to tidy up everything as good as possible. Afterwards we will take pictures of every room and how we left it, just in case if there are any messages about problems that we have to explain and to make sure we will be able to prove how we left anything. „Last „Day“ in Belfast“ weiterlesen