What an adventure

Today, I’ll start talking about what happened yesterday evening. When I was jogging in a park for my daily workout, I saw near a house a police car. I just ignored it because it was nothing special, especially in this area. When I came back, I saw another car in the front of the house. It was a black van on which was written “Private Ambulance”. Behind the car were 2 men in black suits that carried this metal thing to transport people. On it was a fully covered person, so I knew someone died. Somehow creepy to think that I walk everyday there.

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LAN Party

The sunday was (as every sunday) only for chilling out. in the afternoon we wanted to play some games together , we decided for minecraft , a simple but fun building game. After we had set up a local network to play , andy had the idea to use his home pc as a server to save the limited recoures of our laptops . while robert and andy connected the server , florian and i cared for some food since we haven’t eaten anything. we cooked some pasta with tomato sauce. After cooking was finshed and the server was set up we all eat something and gamed on for the rest of the day.