The Glades, Bromley

Today I left our house early. I went by bus to a shopping centre called “The Glades”, it’s located in Bromley and my host mother suggested me to visit it.





As I arrived there, I was surprised that such a big shopping mall includes a big park. The location of this mall is also very good, you can reach it with many buses and a train station is also not so far away.

They also had there some typical German stores like IKEA. It was a small IKEA but it was interesting to see if it would look the same like in Germany.

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A tour to the city centre

Today we went to the city center to buy some souviniers there, the day was more for strolling and spending time.

We also bought some small things like a suitcase scale. in belfat most shops are very expensive, but fortunately there are also „pound stores“ where many things are cheap and reduced. If you are in need for kitchen accessories or something similar you should look for stores like this

In the afternoon we went home completely exhausted.

How to save money in Belfast

Today we went to the city center and found an extremly cheap store for household items. We were angry at ourselfs for not finding it earlier. So, I hope people will read this article before going to belfast. The store im talking about is called poundstretcher. „How to save money in Belfast“ weiterlesen

The Seventh Week

This week wasn’t much different than the others. At work I spent most of the time renaming files and downloading attached files of emails that the company received from March until today and naming those files properly. I also helped one of the workers with connecting their PC with the wireless printer.
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