The last touch ups.

Today, I went to my workplace as usually, this time I surprisingly had no problems with the traffic. When I arrived there, I started directly with a meeting related to one of my projects. They still want to use one of my projects, so we had to do the last touch ups for the actual program and explain everything to the other colleagues. I had to do this in order for them to use it later when I couldn’t help anymore.

We also figured out that they have to prepare one important document, before we can use my project. The plan was to finish the document before next Friday (tomorrow), but this was not longer possible.

My colleague tried to set up everything by his self but with the help of my documentation and I have to say it worked very well, he got it.

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I spoke too soon

I have very little left to do at twin, so I read up on news or topics of interest, but unfortunately can’t get to improving my IT skills or learning new stuff as I get interrupted quite frequently by employees who need help with little things like unpacking compressed files or where to find the save button.

Other than that, I can at least get quick answers for the rest of the group, if they are directed at twin.

Last time Belfast Friendship Club

Today was my last time at the Belfast Friendship Club and after all this weeks I can definitely recommend it to every intern in the future. The Atmosphere and how everyone talks to each other is great and it is one of the best places to learn about their culture and Social norms. Sometimes you will get informations about some of the less well known future events in Belfast at the end of the meetup. Since it is our last time we got a small Flyer that talks about the history of the friendship club and their targets as well as giving us the contact information for the person organizing this lovely event every week. The only reason we are getting this Flyer now is that we never thought about asking for one, so definitely an error on our site. Personally this also means I will lose my chess opponent but we will try to stay in contact via the Internet. Today also means tomorrow is my last day at Knight Systems Ltd. I will have to present my report as good and far as possible, hopefully there will like it.

The last days

Today our successors arrived at precept IT. They are from italy and very friendly. in retrospect i see myself and robert, because they are also a little confused and have to get used to the new environment. Our task was to familiarize them with the systems.They have understood everything, thanks to our good documentation, quite fast and could already take over first tasks. Now a little of me . The 8 weeks in belfast are now almost over and i must say the time has pleased me and maybe i come back again to the vacation. a more detailed conclusion follows.


Beginning of the Last Week in London

On this Monday I was given the task to do some more changes to the company’s website but this time the changes were a bit more severe. I deleted all the existing webpages and created new ones with only the most important information and so getting rid of many useless pages.

After work I met up with Steven, Gunnar, Julius, Thore and Dustin at The Gate Clock which is one of many Wetherspoon pubs and this particular one is located in Greenwhich. We all got ourselves a burger and some drinks. I had a burger called the ultimate burger which was very tasty.

On Tuesday I was working on the website’s design and tried to edit the company’s logo so it would fit the website’s color scheme. When I was finished with the logo my chef unfortunately didn’t like it and so I had to remove it from the website.

When work was over I went home immediately because I wanted to do all my laundry so it would all be clean and ready to be packed into my bags.

On Wednesday the work day was rather boring because now that I was done with the website I went back to getting rid of duplicate, useless and old files from the shared folder.

After work Artin and I went to the Ninth Life to get a beer and then we went home where I had a delicious dinner.