My Accommodation

Due to the fact that I have not taken the chance to describe my accommodation, I would like to take this blog entry to do so.

The house where I live in is located near Grove Park Station, and from there it takes about 15 minutes to get to my house. When I go to work, I usually take the bus from the nearest bus stop Whitefoot Lane, which is only like a one minute walk. There is also a large cemetery near my accommodation, The Hither Green Cemetery.

The house itself is quite small. There is one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living-room. Upstairs there are 3 rooms, where in one of them I am staying with my fellow trainee, Louis. Our room is pretty small, it has two beds, one large and one a bit smaller. Other than that there is a large wardrobe where we keep our clothes and the suitcases.

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