Hellooooo Brixton!

Today I went to Brixton Market, an area where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and fish being sold. You can buy here all the fresh food that are being sold directly from farmers. You know your money is worth for that healthy food.
I was just looking around and I must to say that many people use this chance every Sunday to buy their fruits there.


In many supermarkets here, you have only juices that are made of concentrates and not real fruits, on such markets they also sell juices which are made from original fruits and they are healthier. I also tried some of them, they are much better than the juices from the supermarkets. Of course you can also buy juices made with original fruits in supermarkets but they are very expensive, normally around 3-4€ per liter.

After trying the juices and the fruits there, I went again back home with the bus. I arrived in the evening back home. Today I decided to eat something outside. Let’s go out again and find something delicious…

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