Hello Oxford Street | £500???

Today I went early to the Oxford Street. I had a quick breakfast, then we cleaned up our room shortly that our host mother could hover the floor.
After the morning routine I went directly out and got there by bus. It took me about 2 hours to get there and with train I would need around 1 hour but I saved every month around 100€. So of course it’s better sleeping one hour less and going there by bus.
As I arrived there I had a crazy idea. I went to every famous store and asked just for a bag (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Nike, Adidas and so on). Apparently they weren’t allowed to give me one because I had to buy something first.

Later I also went to a Samsung Service Store to ask something about my Phone (I have some charging issues). It was a new but an interesting experience to describe my problem in english. The support was friendly and I also understood everything. Unfortunately they couldn’t help me, a repair would cost around 575€ (£500), and she advised me to buy a new phone instead of repairing it. My phone is working without any concerning problem, just the cable is not very stable in the charging port and it falls of easily.
I wanted to buy some sport gloves too, thats why I went in an Adidas store. That was one of the biggest Adidas stores but they hadn’t, just one poppet had some gloves…
The friendly staff member advised me to go in another store, not directly an Adidas one but also one which sells their products. I walked there and they had a pair. That was very helpful from him!
Overall a very exciting day, I had the chance to talk a lot and I hope that I can improve my english with such daily conversations.

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