Let’s explore Stratford

Today I woke up very late, as every other day. Around 11am I managed it to get up of my bed. Then we cleaned up our room a little bit and the host mother cleaned the floor with the vacuum cleaner. We also had to remove our bed sheets because the host mother wanted to clean them.

Afterwards I went to the Stratford shopping mall. I went there with train and the ride was very cheap and way faster than travelling with busses. Today is Sunday but every shop is opened, in Germany everything is closed in such days. Many people use Sundays to go shopping as a result the shopping mall was full. I planned just to look around there with no intention of buying something special.

When I walked there a seller was like “Excuse me?” I didn’t react because I didn’t expect this, then he insisted and said again “EXCUSE ME!?” I turned around and he asked me “Do you have a minute?” What do you like more, your face or your skin?” I just replied that I take care more of my face. He then told me that I shouldn’t judge so fast and that he wanted to show me a product. He applied cream on my hand and showed me that I can “improve” my skin with 10 seconds of work once per week. Actually my skin was after the 10 seconds smoother, but the cream just removed the cornea. I’m also very satisfied with my skin so I don’t need something to make it better, even though it was very funny to see him trying to sell me that stuff.

Of course I also went to the technology markets, but there was just one big (expect the apple store) store and the prices were very expensive. The variety of options there isn’t that big compared to the German shopping malls. I bought something to eat there and I was lucky that I found a place to sit, because there are so many people. Then I went back to my host family with train. In the train I got a seat at the very end and the seats are in that position that you can see the rails behind the train. The view was amazing and I was also able to see how this huge train system works here.

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