The Glades, Bromley

Today I left our house early. I went by bus to a shopping centre called “The Glades”, it’s located in Bromley and my host mother suggested me to visit it.





As I arrived there, I was surprised that such a big shopping mall includes a big park. The location of this mall is also very good, you can reach it with many buses and a train station is also not so far away.

They also had there some typical German stores like IKEA. It was a small IKEA but it was interesting to see if it would look the same like in Germany.

The weather was warm as we had around 30 degrees, so I went to a supermarket to get a cold drink. Later, I went to a bench and enjoyed the sun. After a few minutes I saw that a recycle bin was burning. Some other guys around me saw this too and they already went to some shops to ask for some water. Luckily someone appeared to empty the bin’s. He opened it and inside the bin was a cigarette that was still burning.

Afterwards I went back home but I stopped at a supermarket to get some water. When I arrived, I just rested a bit and watched some movies.

I finished my day as usually, I went out for my daily workout and fell asleep…tired.


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