It’s getting harder to focus

As I arrived at work today I continued with my tasks, still the same task like 2 weeks before. I am still working on a big project that is very hard. My biggest challenge was that students from all over the world have difficult names and some include umlauts or special characters. I tried a lot to convert every string to a UTF-8 one. I already had tried this last week, but the only thing I got was errors or weird outputs. Today I found another solution online and luckily it worked and now my program is working perfectly.

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How are things going with the website

In the last couple of days, I was entrusted with the task to build the new website for the shop. But how are things going?

South London Repair wanted a new website for repairs focused on Apple products. On the website you can see the prices, working hours and some technics for the repairs of iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and iPods. The layout of the website was already done, but it is written in Hungarian. So I translated some of the texts in English. I had to change the texts in HTML, because most of the sites are one raw html file. Most of the sites are also linked wrongly so I also needed to redirect this. The whole website uses also many CSS files, which I had to change for the purpose of the shop. In the last two days I tried to get a whole view of the website and started to apply many changes. I would consider 1/3 of  the whole website done. There are also some ‚bugs‘ which bother me a bit, but I was told, that these bugs are irrelevant and I should not waste my time on them.

To build and change the website is a nice change from screwing televisions or iPhones.

Finally weekend!

My work was today as usually, nothing special. I continued programming and I had a meeting with a colleague about the project. After the meeting I got a mail.

I got now a mail from my school about the English course. My school doesn’t know what else they can do, so I am not obliged to do this course. I searched online for other courses and found some good ones. Unfortunately, you always have to start with the lowest level which is very annoying.

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Finally good news (at least for some of us)!

Today we got another email from our school. The project manager told us, that we just have to do the English test online and not the course, but he wasn’t 100% sure so he said he would give us more information soon.

I also tried to access the course, but it is still not working…

I showed one of my colleagues my program, so far so good. Now they got more information which means for me that I have to do a lot of researches in order to rewrite half of my program.

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What a chaos

Today I contacted with my school. I have still the problem that I can’t access the online English course. I asked my school because on the site it’s written that they have to activate it. My school told me to ask the support because they can’t do something. After I wrote the support I got an answer quickly. They told me that there is something wrong and I need another invitation. So I used my second invitation that I got. I did again the first English exam which took me around 1 hour. Luckily I got the same result as the first time even though doing the same thing twice is really annoying.

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My job as a developer | Tricky task

I kept working on my project today at my workplace. All the other days, I was able to write all the time without even thinking, but today I had one problem which took me a lot of time. I currently program a tool to synchronize the local database with a CRM (Costumer Relationship Management). First I had no field on the CRM that I could use as an id/primary key. I need such field because it is possible that some people have the same last- and first name. Later I found out, that I could just create a new field and fill it with the id from the database. Later I found out that I had the problem caused in the moment I requested all contacts to be shown. I already need the id field because the normal function that requests all contacts, returns just a list with all contacts and their last and first name.

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