A new task

Lately I got introduced in slightly new tasks at work. But today was a big change in the plan for the following weeks…

Last week I got introduced to some other devices to disassemble and screw back together. Mostly apple phones and iPads. I disassembled from iPhone 6 to 7 plus to iPad mini and so on. It was nice to have such a slight change.

But today started as always, by disassembling a 60 inch television followed by an samsung phone. Later this morning I was asked if I had any knowledge with photoshop or websites. I have barely any experience with photoshop, but I edited some websites before. They asked me, if I wanted to create a new website for the shop. I agreed and they showed me, what they had in mind.  I do not start from scratch, because they have a good layout from another website they build for a customer and want me to change it, so it fits for their repair shop. We use WordPress to build, design and edit our website. That’s a good change in my field of work.

This is the plan for my next weeks at work. Building the new website for the repair shop. I’m excited to see how things will develop around work and the website.


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