a customer visit

Today we went out to a customer with a Fibero home automation system. We went to this customer before, because of a broken device. This time we configured the new device.

It was a one and a half hour drive to the customer, across London. The customer got a new Fibaro device we needed to configure. Fibaro is a home automation system, which can control many different devices and sensor.  To control the lights and sensors, you need to convigure each device on the main controller. We had to set up the lights and some 5 ampere circuit.  Most of the lamps were easy to configure but 3 lamps did not respond. We found out, that three control devices were broken. It took quite some time to change the controller from the circuits. But one lamp controller is installed behind the oven or even in the ground and so not possible to change right now. The owner of the flat also did not know what some switches does, so we tried to figure this out as well. Most of those unknown switches just turned on and off some 5 ampere circuit. After around 3 hours we made our way back to the shop.

We might need to go back, because of this one lamp with the controller is under the floor.




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