The Visit


On Tuesday Mr Bavar visited us from Berlin.

We met us at a coffee shop outside because in the coffee shop there was no seat left, but it was really windy outside and we came to the conclusion that we want to go somewhere else. We were going to a different coffee shop and finally we could sit inside at one table. We ordered some coffee and some of us had a tea or a milkshake. We talked about how we like it at our work that we are doing over here in Belfast and about our accommodation. After a while we left and some of us were hungry so we wanted to eat at a Restaurant. Someone from us said we should go to a special Pub/Restaurant. So we arrived there and it looked more like a pub so it was cool and there was enough space for all of us. We had to get some tables together and we ordered our food. After some time and laughs we were ready to head home, Mr Bavar had to go back to Dublin by train so we split up after we ate. René and me went to Lidl and we bought some food. René and I took the bus home, and I relaxed a little bit and watched some Shows.