New thinclients

New thin-clients

Yesterday it was planned to change the thin-clients in the warehouse and in the Ulster museum. The last days our colleagues worked on creating a system image for this. After they were done we first went to the warehouse which is located in the harbour area. Because there store expensive and rare things our visit had to be registered before. We changed the clients but when we startet the virtual desktop we suddenly had an error. We only got a black screen. Unfortunately we couldn’t fix the problem, so we drove to the Ulster museum. As soon as we changed the client we got the same problem.

Today our colleagues searched in the internet for a solution. They found information’s about the compability of the versions and discovered that the software was to new. Therefore, they created a new image and after that we drove again to the warehouse and the Ulster museum for changing the thin-clients. Finally there were no problem!

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Repair some tablets

Today it was time to repair some tablets in the workshop. I had to take them apart . It isn’t really easy because sometimes you can’t see every screw or they are hidden behind some protection. But finally I found every screw and decomposed the tablet. The task was to replace the connection between the tablet and the keyboard because it was badly damaged. „Repair some tablets“ weiterlesen

Security issues and the workshop

On Monday I went to Gareth to ask him what he has done at the weekend and if he had won at a game that we both play. He told me instead that there is a problem. I had given him my certificate of good conduct some days ago because a other group of CAPITA needed it for the background check to work with customer data. They tried to translate the German certificate of good conduct. „Security issues and the workshop“ weiterlesen


Well, some of you may have noticed from my previous blogposts that sports and food play a huge role in my life. And as I’ve mentioned already before, that I’m homesick constantly, the best medicine against it are sports and cooking in my case. For me it’s like meditation and being active at the same time.

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Barbecue And A Breath Of Summer

I could hardly believe that the weather forecast kept it’s promise actually! The whole last week we made all jokes about that this is too good to be true for Belfast and it’s actually impossible to have a whole warm and sunny weekend without any rain. But this weekend was one of the few exceptions indeed. All sunny, all warm and no rain. While writing these lines I still can’t believe it really.  I mean one of the best personal experiences I’m going to take home is not complaining about, no, even appreciating the German weather from now on! As we say in German „Schlimmer geht’s immer!“, which means something like „It can always get worse!“.

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Experiencing the Coast

We’ve covered what Belfast is most famous for: the Titanic Museum. But what are Northern Ireland’s most notable features? If you say that it is the scenery for Game of Thrones, you might be correct. But since I am not watching Game of Thrones and the tour for it was outrageously expensive I am politely going to ignore this answer. The second best answer is: The Giant’s Causeway. And the 18 pound for the tour were definitely well spent. „Experiencing the Coast“ weiterlesen