I think I broke the system

Today began the day quite calmly. Less data restores and some ticket allocation but not so many that I couldn’t allocate them anymore. At 11 AM it was time for a tea break. We talked about the differences of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The time flew by and we had to work again. When I came back the que was filled up with about 22 tickets that I had to allocate to the tier 2 team. It took me about 10 minutes to empty the whole Que. Afterwards I went to the data „I think I broke the system“ weiterlesen

Sixth Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

Guys, do you remember I told you about my task designing/ building a „About Us“ site? Not only I was able to finish it this week, I also finished the next task designing/ building a „FAQ“ site as well! This work week has been one of the best ones by far! Very happy and proud about the results!

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I have bought my third umbrella here in Belfast. Looking at the numbers (1 umbrella/2 weeks) this might be the last one I need. But in the end it’s all up to the wind scale. Belfast, how do feel about making a deal with me? I’ll take one more hour of rain a day (the difference won’t be notable but psst!) and you are getting rid of your windy attitude! Let’s make these last two weeks wind free!
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