Wlan for the Ulster Museum

Since wednesday a employee of HP is on our work, to help our boss Robin setting up a new wlan network. Unfortunately, I could’nt help them but it was interesting two watch what both were doing. At first they set up a Aruba 7010 controller by updating the firmware on it. After that they created some SSID’s for the network.

On thursday (the 2th) we didn’t drove to our normal workplace in cultra but right into the Ulster museum. In the server room Robin and the HP employee worked on the configuration of the controller and even drafted a virtual one. Because it took longer then expected, I think they had some difficulties.

Meanwhile i spend most of the time saving user datas from a computer to transfer them to another system. The day before i pre-installed a new SSD hard drive on the computer, so my only task is to copy the user files but this took the half of the day.

In the break we went to a sandwich shop near the museum and because I love the sandwiches, I ordered two of them.

Today on friday preperations were made for the upcoming Hill climb event. I prepared a computer, so a user will be automatically logged in with the help of „Autologon“. Furthermore I disabled the standby mode, so the computer won’t turn off.

Otherwise there was not much going on and I went to bed early.

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How friendly is Belfast?

This is another requested matter, this time it’s something I am qualified to comment on. I’ve witnessed random acts of kindness. It think it was yesterday when I saw and heard a woman warning another woman about the dog poop she was about to walk in to. They didn’t know each other. Last week I saw an elderly man in the distance, he fell over and it took mere seconds for the people nearby to rush to him and help him up. The important aspect is not that somebody helped him up, but that everybody near him was immediately concerned. „How friendly is Belfast?“ weiterlesen

High-ranking Visit

After having a very chilled (and rainy! what a wonder, right?) day off on Monday because of bank holidays, it was time to say a very early (4.30 am) goodbye to my fiancé after one week, which made me a bit sad again. We both hate it being apart from each other. But I don’t want to start a hopeless romantic story for you guys now.

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