Work at the CAPITA warehouse again

Today we had to do the second part of the asset tag work at the CAPITA warehouse. Before we arrived there, we made a stop at the local SPAR Market to get some food. It was a wise decision, because near the warehouse there was no possibility to buy something. As we arrived, Geoff parked „Work at the CAPITA warehouse again“ weiterlesen

Language And Linguistic Usages

As I’m lagged a bit with my blogposts, not because I’m too lazy to write them, it’s just the fact that there’re not many exciting things happen over here to write about to be honest, I’m trying to write another blogpost about a more general topic like my last one again. So today’s topic is going to be about my language improvements and general linguistic usages of the Belfast people which I could recognize so far in the past seven weeks.

„Language And Linguistic Usages“ weiterlesen