How friendly is Belfast?

This is another requested matter, this time it’s something I am qualified to comment on. I’ve witnessed random acts of kindness. It think it was yesterday when I saw and heard a woman warning another woman about the dog poop she was about to walk in to. They didn’t know each other. Last week I saw an elderly man in the distance, he fell over and it took mere seconds for the people nearby to rush to him and help him up. The important aspect is not that somebody helped him up, but that everybody near him was immediately concerned.

As for the last example it happened to myself. I went to Poundland, the counterpart to Mäc Geiz. It was a late afternoon and I was surprised to see all the cashiers were gone. What was left were the Express Checkouts, machines were you check out your purchase yourself. It was my first time using it, and I was failing at using it properly. A man, one of the two (?) other customers in the store, came to me and helped me right away with it. He was also very friendly while doing it. He probably was just in a good mood, I’ll still let that count as friendliness. Adding to this, the cashiers in Belfast also seem very friendly – LIDL excluded. To finally answer the question in the title: very, and yes friendlier than Berlin.

How has work been treating me the last few days? Good! I have had the chance to be active again.

My notes concerning the sockets

The day before yesterday we got the router Draytek 2860 (Max mentioned in his articles once, that this is the conceived Irish version of Fritz Box) delivered and we had to integrate it into the new office. That didn’t quite work out and we had to call the Clarity employees. The problem was simple: There was no broadband yet. The second attempt happend yesterday. Again, we needed to call Clarity. But the internet was up, it was me who was too ignorant to consider a cable was plugged in incorrectly. Today I tested the Ethernet sockets (yes, again!) for connectivity. It went smoothly and I think this was the last time I saw those boxes. Maybe.

The front door of the office – it’s visible that we are moving soon

I’ve used the word friendly and its variations 6 times (now 7) in this article. It won’t hurt too use it one more time. I am going to use it to express my appreciation about all my colleagues, which are incredibly friendly. I behaved stupidly yesterday, but nobody even mentioned it. Especially Sean always radiates an unshakeable amount of positivity. Thank you for that!

No, that doesn’t sound like the right conclusion. Let’s try this one: Thank you for your friendliness people at work, cashiers, random people on the street and Belfast in general(8).

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