Work at the CAPITA warehouse again

Today we had to do the second part of the asset tag work at the CAPITA warehouse. Before we arrived there, we made a stop at the local SPAR Market to get some food. It was a wise decision, because near the warehouse there was no possibility to buy something. As we arrived, Geoff parked between two cars. Then the owner of the car next to us came out of the market and tried to get in his car. Geoff and I heard a loud bang because the man rammed his car door into our car. Geoff asked me, if I also heard and saw that the guy rammed the car door into his car. I agreed and asked him if it is normal here to do this and he answered back that it is not. He told me that his car is really old and he doesn’t care about it. As if nothing had happened, we drove to the warehouse. I was wondering why he was driving a complete different way. He said that he had been there never before and didn’t know how to get there. But with a little bit of help we got there. We had to do a lot of work again. About 300 computers which had to be finished. One of the guys in the warehouse told us that we had begun to use the typically Belfast accent. In my eyes a great praise. The work in the warehouse makes really much fun. On our way back, we also had a lot to laugh. Many jokes, that wrote the life. At the end I had really some pain in my stomach.Unfortunately it was time to get out of the car and to walk home. The Irish humor ist just so wonderful.